Harry James Potter (marked_by_him) wrote in the_phoenix_rpg,
Harry James Potter

When: Around 7
Where: Outside the Great Hall
Who: Harry and Ginny
Scenario: Ginny gets hungry and on the way to the great hall bumps into Harry.

Ginny Weasley: Ginny finally finished her last essay of the day and left the Common Room in search of some food. Food... food.... GREAT HALL! She started to walk in the direction of the great hall, looking down at her feet when she ran smack into someone, and almost lost her balance. "Oh! Sorry, my fault!"
Harry Potter: Harry blinked. He hadn't been watching where he was going and someone had bumped into him. "Ginny? No that's fine." he smiled. "I haven't seen you around for a long time. Have you been busy with homework?" he asked.
Ginny Weasley: *Ginny sighed* "Yes, more then I would have liked.. I only need to do one more essay this week for Charms, then I'll be finished. I'm not working on that til tomorrow though..." *smiles* "I haven't seen you around either, Harry. What've you been up to?"
Harry Potter: "Essay's and what not too. I actually finished one just 45 minutes ago and thought I would go for a walk. I was actually looking for Hermione but I'm sure she's in the library so there's no big rush there." he said, "Other then that nothing much is new."
Ginny Weasley: *nods*"I completely understand how that is...how is Hermione doing? I haven't seen her much around lately."
Harry Potter: "Hermione? er...she's well to tell you the truth I think she's a little upset with me." he said, stepping aside so some students could get by.
Ginny Weasley: Ginny looked a little confused..."What for?"
Harry Potter: "I've just kept some things secret and she thinks I'm trying to hide things from her which really isn't true..." he trailed of. "oh nevermind that."
Ginny Weasley: *smiles* "Okay, not my business anyway." *Ginny looked down at her feet feeling a little uncomfortable* "so, have you seen Ron lately, as well?"
Harry Potter: "actually I haven't seen Ron in quite some time. It's like he's trying to hide from Hermione and I." Harry smiled. "He's probably just sick of being around us."
Ginny Weasley: "No, he never gets sick of you two. You're his best friends.. just remember that in the future.''
Harry Potter: "Your right." he smiled. "so I guess you haven't seen much of him either."
Ginny Weasley: "No, I haven't. I haven't really seen much of anyone lately... been busy all week with homework..." *Ginny rolled her eyes at the thought of homework..*
Harry Potter: He laughed. "Exactly what I would say."
Ginny Weasley: "Eh.. it gets boring. Hopefully there'll be a Hogsmeade Weekend soon... I need the break."
Harry Potter: "Yes. I really need to go to Hogsmeade. All this work is causing me to lose my mind." he chuckled.
Ginny Weasley: *ginny laughed softly* "Yeah, I know EXACTLY how that is."
Harry Potter: "besides it would be nice to get some more chocolate frogs. I'm starting to run low."
Ginny Weasley: *chuckles* "Ron knows all the best places, those are his favorites."
Harry Potter: "He does, doesn't he." Harry grinned. "what were you planning on getting?"
Ginny Weasley: "Sugar Quills, they're my favorites." *she grinned at him.*
Harry Potter: "ah, of course. I should probably get some of them as well." he nodded.
Ginny Weasley: *nods* "I wanted to do a bunch of things... window shopping, Honeydukes, Zonkos.... The Three Broomsticks.. all of it... *shrugs* but I was too tied up the last weekend to go... stupid professors.. do it on purpose sometimes."
Harry Potter: "You didn't miss much. They've been cancelling the trips because of suspected death eaters." Harry stated, disgust on his face.
Ginny Weasley: *sigh and shakes head* "That's horrible.. and boring."
Harry Potter: "As if deatheaters would go to hogsmeade right now..." he mumbled.
Ginny Weasley: "What was that, Harry?"
Harry Potter: He blinked and looked up at her. "what? oh, nothing."
Ginny Weasley: "Oh... alright then." she said as she looked up at Harry.
Harry Potter: "Were you going to the great hall?" he asked.
Ginny Weasley: Yes, I was.
Ginny Weasley: I just wanted a little snack.
Harry Potter: "working so hard you forgot to eat am I right?"
Ginny Weasley: "Eh, not exactly.. but I haven't been eating like I should. I usually skip breakfast, and sometimes lunch... but I always eat dinner."
Harry Potter: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. why do you skip it?"
Ginny Weasley: *shrugs* "I've never really cared for it here.."
Harry Potter: "Bet your mum makes the best breakfast's."
Ginny Weasley: "I love my mum's breakfasts..." She zoned out for a second or two...
Harry Potter: Harry looked at her. "er....Ginny? Are you alright?"
Ginny Weasley: "Oh! So, sorry there.. Harry. Yes, yes.. I'm alright. Erm... sorry."
Harry Potter: He nodded, "Well if your sure your alright."
Ginny Weasley: "I am.. sorry. I should.. uh... probably go."
Ginny Weasley: she said feeling a bit embarrassd.
Harry Potter: "If your sure your fine," Harry said again. "I guess I'll see you in a bit. I'm going to see if Hermione's in the library and maybe later I'll come back down to join you."
Ginny Weasley: "Erm, alright.. see you later then Harry." Ginny said as she quickly walked into the great hall.
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