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Let your dreams Fly Away...

The Phoenix: Harry Potter RPG
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Welcome to Phoenix, a Harry Potter RPG. We are currently accepting applications so please read through the following and send your application to the address below. If you need anymore information you can IM the Moderator, Lisa at TwistedLisa79, We hope to be hearing from you!

/ R u l e s a n d R e g u l a t i o n s \

1. S t o r y:
This RPG will take place after the 5th year and will begin at the start of term of 6th year. This RPG takes place in the trio's 6th year at Hogwarts, post OotP. Their muggle studies classes will have to be using the Internet to learn more about muggles. Everyone is required to take Muggle Studies this year, & this years lessons center around using a computer to learn more about the Muggle world. We want you to remember everything that took place in the 5th book, and use that in this RPG. We want to stay as true to the book as possible. We also definatly have a story in mind. We are waiting to obtain a few more key characters before starting with the plot. Any character from the book is welcome, even though they are not listed below doesn't mean they do not exist. We will be accepting created characters once we have filled up most real characters. No more than 2 characters per person as long as that person can handle both journals.

2. S l a s h i n g:
If you want to have a relationship between any character it has to be believable people! It also just can’t happen. Harry can’t just fall madly in love with Luna by accidentally bumping into her in the hallway. So give it some time and work with it. Also, try to keep the housing relationships cannon. Slytherins just don't go falling for Gryffindors. Almost anything is possible but let the Mods know before hand please.

3. U p d a t i n g:
Please update at least once a week. Harry Potter RPG's aren't good unless people are dedicated. Once you're accepted, you can start writing in your characters journals immediately. If you would like to start planning certain things such as Ron and Harry go to Hogsmeade, you CAN do that but please let one of the Mods know about this before hand. We strongly encourage planning such things.

4. S t a y i n g T r u e:
Staying true to your character means that if your playing Ron for example, he is not going to be evil and sly like Malfoy. So when you pick your character remember what kind of person they are, how they think, the type of situations they get into, and what happened in the books. Staying true to your character is NEVER a bad thing. :)

5. S c h e d u l e ' s
We are currently conducting a few schedules for this year at Hogwarts. Of course, a schedule of classes for each student will be made. Also, included in the schedules we will be having Hogsmeade weekends, and DA meetings for those welcome. Posting your wanted schedules in the OOC journal would be great.

6. A I M R o l e P l a y i n g
We completely encourage this! Most characters create their own screen names for the specific character. If you do this you may get online to AIM (with character permission) and role-play as your character. When you do that we would like to follow the Lj-Cut Format and Ratings. We also will be having such things as Chats for DA meetings or Hogsmeade trips. Remember that we want you to have fun with this! :)

If any of these rules are broken, you will be asked to stop and further rule breaking after that will result in expulsion from the RPG.

/ J o u r n a l s \

By joining this RP, you will automatically be added to the rpg community & the ooc community. The _phoenix_ooc journal is a community journal for anyone who is a member. You can write about anything that is OUT OF CHARACTER. Such as planning for plots, vacations, unavailability to write in journal for a period of time or to introduce you and your character once accepted in the community. Please feel free to write whenever you feel it is needed. The the_phoenix_rpg is a journal that you can write IN CHARACTER including Lj Cuts, plans that were made between two or more characters, or you can start your own sub story line between your and another character. We also two new journal communitys that tie into the main Phoenix journal. The first one is specifically for Dumbledores Army members which is _theroom_. Any one who was a member of the DA in the books, is a member of this community. The last community that we have is for the Order of the Phoenix members only called order__phoenix again same rules apply for the last. We also have the Quibbler a part of this RPG, its called quibbler_truth which is run by two of our members. Again, Please feel free to write whenever you feel it is needed.

/ C h a r a c t e r s \

G r y f f i n d o r

7th Lee Jordan: open
6th Harry Potter: marked_by_him
6th Hermione Granger: shescalledhermy
6th Ronald Weasley: xxronweasleyxx
6th Neville Longbottem: theforgetfulone
6th Parvati Patil: vati_gryffindor
6th Lavender Brown: __lavvy
6th Seamus Finnigan: open
5th Ginny Weasley: ginnyweasley050
5th Colin Creevy: open
3rd Dennis Creevy: open
3rd Natalie MacDonald: open
2nd Euen Abercrombie: open

S l y t h e r i n

6th Draco Malfoy: stealthyslyth
6th Millicent Bulstrode: bigbullyxox_
6th Pansy Parkinson: purebloodedpans
6th Blaise Zabini: sly_zabini
6th Vincent Crabbe: open
6th Gregory Goyle: open
6th Tracy Davis: tracy_d
6th Tabitha Nott: lovetabitha
6th Theodore Nott: open
6th Daphne Greengrass: open
6th Adrian Pucey: pandabear1328
3rd Graham Pritchard: open
3rd Malcom Baddock: open

R a v e n c l a w

7th Cho Chang: prettycho
6th Padma Patil: the_raven_patil
6th Lisa Turpin: astoundedamused
6th Anthony Goldstein: open
6th Michael Corner: open
6th Terry Boot: chasetheboots
6th Mandy Brockelhurst: open
6th Marietta Edgecombe: __amarionette
6th Su Li: open
5th Luna Lovegood: __loony_luna__
3rd Orla Quirke: open
3rd Stewart Ackerly: open

H u f f l e p u f f

6th Hannah Abbott: pretty_abbott
6th Justin Finch-Fletchley: open
6th Ernie Macmillian: open
6th Susan Bones: shaded_bones
6th Zacharias Smith: open
6th Betinka E. Duston: Open
6th Wayne Hopkins: _wayne_
6th Emma Dobbs: sunshine_emma
3rd Laura Madley: open
3rd Kevin Whitby: open
3rd Elanor Branstone: open
3rd Owen Caudwell: open

T e a c h e r s a n d t h e i r c l a s s e s

--Professor Dumbledore: __headmaster__ (Mod Journal)
--Professor McGonagall-Transfiguration: prfmcgonagall
--Professor Serverus Snape-Potions: dual_servitude
--Professor Sprout-Herbology: open
--Professor Emmeline Vance-Ancient Runes: Open
--Professor Arthur Weasley-Muggle Studies: molly_fancier
--Professor Flitwick-Charms: open
--Professor Sybill Trewelany-Divination:open
--Professor Xanthe Deluna-Defence against the Dark Arts: xdeluna_dada
--Professor Rubeus Hagrid-Care of Magical Creatures: open
--Professor Sinistra-Astronomy: open
--Professor Binns-History of Magic: open
--Professor Vector-Arithmacy: open
--Madam Hooch-Flying and Quidditch Referee: open
--Madam Pomfrey-Nurse: open
--Filch-Caretaker: open
--Irma Prince-Librarian: open

T h e O r d e r o f t h e P h o e n i x

--Albus Dumbledore: __headmaster__(Mod Journal)
--Minerva McGonagall: prfmcgonagall
--Remus Lupin: sepulchralslur
--Severus Snape: dual_servitude
--Xanthe Deluna: xdeluna_dada
--Nymphadora Tonks: fluffypinktonks
--Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody: open
--Mundungus Fletcher: open
--Kingsley Shacklebolt: open
--Molly Weasley: bloodygoodmum
--Arthur Weasley: molly_fancier
--Bill Weasley: bill_a_weasley
--Charlie Weasley: weasleycharlie
--Fred Weasley: weasley_wheezes
--George Weasley: weasley_wheezes
--Elphias Doge: open
--Dedalus Diggle: open
--Emmeline Vance: Open
--Sturgis Podmore: open
--Hestia Jones: open
--Oliver Wood: xoliver_wood

M i n i s t r y o f M a g i c
--Penelope Clearwater: ravenclaw_penny
--Percy Weasley: have_no_family

If there is a character with this: Open next to it that means the character was taken, and is now being replaced.

We are now accepting characters listed above though we are trying to keep the ministry members short unless you can think of why they have computers. If you wish to play someone who is not listed, an entire inventory of all the characters from the Harry Potter Books are on the website below. If a character has died they cannot have a journal, Sorry we miss Sirius too!

/ A p p l I c a t i o n \

Those are just some characters we would like to get filled first then we are open for any additional characters that you create. Each person in the community is allowed to have two characters, as long as they can handle both of them. If you can think of anyone that was in the book then you can try out for his or her part. The application below can be filled out and send to this email address: Hogwarts6School@yahoo.com

/ A b o u t Y o u \

Experience Role Playing:
Experience with the Books (Which you've read, Etc):
Character Journal's Username (if you are having trouble Please let us know and we will help):

/ A b o u t Y o u r C h a r a c t e r \

Profession (teacher, student, etc.):
House and Year for student/Subject for teacher:
Background (Please give a thorough paragraph or so about your character's family, lineage, etc.):
Sample Entry (This can be about anything, in character, first-person):

Once we read your application and thoroughly check it, we will get back to you with our answer either through email or AIM. Thank you for everything and we hope to be hearing from you shortly.

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