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Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi
"I show not your face but your hearts desire."

[ S t o r y - L i n e ]

One Question: What happens next?

Voldemort has only just fallen and though the wizarding community feels safe...there are many real horrors still at their doorsteps. "He was dead before! He'll be back again!" is heard from those who still honor him as a great man. Most who knew better knew he was gone for good. Harry James Potter had destroyed him with the help of some. The main threat was gone but there still were some who followed Voldemort and continued his wishes. The Battle of Hogwarts caused many painful events. What happened to our friends and families after the tragedies of that battle? Was postpartum stress a factor? What happened between the fall of Voldemort and the rise of Hermione, Ron and Harry in the Ministry of Magic?

You decide. You write the story now.

The ErisedDesire RPG
. Please give us a looksy! :D No age or gender requirements!

Here are the list of available and unavailable . Feel free to create your own but only one per person! :D

G r y f f i n d o r

[7th] Harry Potter: open
[7th] Hermione Granger: [illogicallogic_] NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
[7th] Ronald Weasley: [roonilwazlib01]
[7th] Neville Longbottem: [trevorsowner]
[7th] Parvati Patil: open
[7th] Lavender Brown: open
[7th] Dean Thomas: open
[7th] Seamus Finnigan: open
[6th] Ginny Weasley: open
[6th] Colin Creevy: deceased
[6th] Victoria Frobisher: open
[6th] Geoffrey Hooper: open
[5th] Romilda Vane: open
[4th] Dennis Creevy: open
[4th] Natalie MacDonald: open
[3rd] Euen Abercrombie: open
[2nd] Thomas Porter: open
[2nd] Holly Fletcher: open
[2nd] Wade Truman: open
[2nd] Zinna Yates: open

S l y t h e r i n

[7th] Draco Malfoy: open
[7th] Millicent Bulstrode: open
[7th] Pansy Parkinson: open
[7th] Blaise Zabini: open
[7th] Vincent Crabbe: open
[7th] Gregory Goyle: open
[7th] Tracy Davis: open
[7th] Theodore Nott: open
[7th] Daphne Greengrass: open
[7th] Adrian Pucey: open
[5th] Sean Capper: open
[4th] Graham Pritchard: open
[4th] James Dorny: open
[4th] Malcom Baddock: open
[2nd] Marla Dogere: open
[2nd] Abegale Pritchard: open
[2nd] Kinsey Landon: open
[2nd] Kelvin Maddox: open

H u f f l e p u f f

[7th] Hannah Abbott: open
[7th] Justin Finch-Fletchley: open
[7th] Ernie Macmillian: open
[7th] Susan Bones: open
[7th] Zacharias Smith: open
[7th] Megan Jones: open
[7th] Wayne Hopkins: open
[7th] Sally-Ann Perks: open
[6th] Emma Dobbs: open
[6th] Kasey Bundy: open
[6th] Eloise Midgen: open
[6th] Carl Summerby: open
[5th] Matthew Stebbins: open
[5th] Jacob Summers: open
[5th] Derek Adelson: open
[4th] Laura Madley: open
[4th] Kevin Whitby: open
[4th] Elanor Branstone: open
[4th] Owen Caudwell: open
[2nd] Willow Carrington: open
[2nd] Merry Nelson: open
[2nd] Baxter Kenton: open
[2nd] Leah Smith: open

R a v e n c l a w

[7th] Padma Patil: open
[7th] Lisa Turpin: open
[7th] Anthony Goldstein:
[7th] Michael Corner: open
[7th] Terry Boot: open
[7th] Mandy Brockelhurst: open
[7th] Marietta Edgecombe: open
[7th] Samantha Fawcett: open
[7th] Morag MacDougal: open
[7th] Su Li: open
[6th] Moon Collins: open
[6th] Luna Lovegood: open
[5th] Bradley Lugo: open
[5th] Ben Dunstan: open
[4th] Orla Quirke: open
[4th] Stewart Ackerly: open
[2nd] Aiden Bringham: open
[2nd] Irving Prescott: open
[2nd] Tessa Ugo: open
[2nd] Taryn Ugo: open

P r o f e s s o r s

[--]Professor Dumbledore [headmaster]: deceased
[--]Professor McGonagall [transfiguration]: open
[--]Professor Serverus Snape [potions//headmaster]: deceased
[--]Professor Sprout [herbology]: open
[--]Professor Arthur Weasley [muggle studies]: open
[--]Professor Flitwick [charms]: open
[--]Professor Sybill Trewelany [divination]: open
[--]Professor Firenze [divination]: open
[--]Professor Rubeus Hagrid [care of magical creatures]: open
[--]Professor Sinistra [astronomy]: open
[--]Professor Binns [history of magic]: open
[--]Professor Vector [arithmacy]: open

O r d e r o f t h e P h o e n i x

[--]Albus Dumbledore: deceased
[--]Minerva McGonagall: open
[--]Remus Lupin: deceased
[--]Severus Snape: deceased
[--]Nymphadora Tonks: deceased
[--]Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody: deceased
[--]Mundungus Fletcher: open
[--]Kingsley Shacklebolt: open
[--]Molly Weasley: open
[--]Arthur Weasley: open
[--]Bill Weasley: open
[--]Charlie Weasley: open
[--]Percy Weasley: open
[--]Fred Weasley: deceased
[--]George Weasley: open
[--]Oliver Wood: open
[--]Elphias Doge: open
[--]Dedalus Diggle: open
[--]Emmeline Vance: deceased
[--]Sturgis Podmore: deceased
[--]Hestia Jones: deceased

Also please send in an

Application to

[o]About You:

[x]Location and Timezone:
[x]Aim Sn:
[x]Email Address:
[x]Journal Name:

[o]About Harry Potter and You:

[x]Which Harry Potter Books have you read?
[x]Which Harry Potter Book is your favorite? Why?
[x]Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Why?
[x]How did you find The Desire RPG?
[x]How long have you been Role Playing?
[x]Were did you used to role play?

[o]About your Character:

[x]Profession (Teacher, Student, etc.):
[x]Character Played By(Picture Used):
[x]Quidditch Position(if any):
[x]Background(Please be very thorough):
[x]Sample Entry:</font>
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