Ronald "Ron" Weasley (xxronweasleyxx) wrote in the_phoenix_rpg,
Ronald "Ron" Weasley


HEY EVERYONE! AS you know this RPG died...Miserably. Do not fear those of you love this RPG, Ive re-built her! Ive hired on Nicole, and Rei as new mods to help me with the new RPG(Our Harry and Hermione for this RPG). Now, the RPG is over at Greatest Journal, ( and its under the same name as this RPG, (the_phoenix_rpg). Its not opened yet, nor is it ready, but WE are close! So, if you want to go check out the progress so far...PLEASE do so! If you have an questions you can IM me at ChudleyCannons79, or email me at Thanks everyone for sticking around...Im sorry for letting it close, there was nothing I could do...But im here now! Thanks, Bye!

Mod, Lisa

PS. Im really looking forward to seeing some of you again, though this time the Application and acceptance process is going to be very strict so some of you might not make it. We want to ENSURE that this rpg wont have any straggelers, or lack of posts. I dont think we will have any problems though. Byes :)
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