Harry James Potter (marked_by_him) wrote in the_phoenix_rpg,
Harry James Potter

Hogsmeade part two Thread

It was a incredible peaceful day at Hogsmeade. Students had been allowed to go two weeks in a row to Hogsmeade to make up for the lack of trips before hand. While they laughed happily and marched around laughing about things they had learned at school a since hex was sent into the air. Heads turned and screams erupted as the students and civilians rushed to get away from the obvious attack from supporters of 'Him'.

[[ this took me a bit longer to post...I've been so busy figuring out life. Sorry to all that were waiting for this. Got ahead and post for your character. I'm sure it was Neville and Luna that were getting kidnapped, but I could be completely wrong...so just go ahead and do what you need. ^-^ ]]
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