Hermione Granger (shescalledhermy) wrote in the_phoenix_rpg,
Hermione Granger

Leaving for a short vacation.

Hermione came into the commonroom having just gotten in from Hogsmeade, tears still in her eyes from what Harry had said. She bit her lip to keep her from crying then went to the girls dormitory to pack.

"What a thing to hear right when you were about to tell him you were leaving." She sighed. "Nice going Hermione, he definitely didn't want his ego broken today. Men." She shook her head.

She set the owl's cage on her bedside table and watched as Crookshanks went up to the cage and purred loudly. Hermione opened the owl's cage, and kept thinking of a name for him. The owl perched on her shoulder and hooted merrily to be out of the cage finally.

She opened her trunk and quickly packed her things, along with her books and all of the homework she would be missing the days she was gone.

"Too bad Harry won't know I'm gone." She ran her hand along the back of the owl. Then watched as it flew and landed on the top of the cage. "Do you like the name Tegan?" She asked, cocking her head to one side. The owl hooted happily, and she smiled.

She quickly changed into her muggle clothes and finished packing then cast a mobile spell on her trunk, causing it to hover and follow her. She shut the owls cage, and the owl followed her as well. Crookshanks leaping off of the bed and curling up on her shoulder. She sighed and headed out to the front of the school, which had a carriage waiting for her to go home.
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