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Characters: Arthur and Percy Weasley
Where: At the Burrow, in the garden
When: Before dinner
Rating: PG-13 ((discussing some more unpleasant matters between Percy and Penny... don't think that's PG... ))
Synopsis: ((This converstion may not seem finished... that because we never finished it, but we had this RP last week, which means it's long past it's date in posting... so... after the last line just use your imagination. sorry..)) Percy and Arthur discuss what happened between Penny, Percy and Anne, while strolling through the Burrow's garden.

Percy Weasley
Percy finished up his last bit of work quickly. He really
needed to talk to someone about what happened a few nights before and since
his father offered he wanted to be quick about it. So once out of the Ministry of
Magic he apprated to the Burrow. Knocking on the door he waited.

Arthur Weasley
Arthur hurried down from his and Molly's room,
quickly opening the door, and letting Percy in. "'Lo, Percy. It's nice to
see you. What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

Percy Weasley
Percy smiled weakly at him."Actually it's about
Penelope....and me." he said slowly, hoping Molly wouldn't hear anything for
she would probably smack him upside the head for what he did.

Arthur Weasley
"Stress? Money Problems? Differences in
personality? Early signs of being nervous of marriage. Would you like to
go outside and discuss it in the garden?" He asked, gesturing to the door.

Percy Weasley
"No, none of those, well, at least not that I can think of,"
Percy said, turning and walking towards the garden, head held low.

Arthur Weasley
"Well, tell me then. I'm always willing to listen. Even
though I may not be able to help, I'll try my best." He offered, eagerly.

Percy Weasley
"Well," Percy began. "we had a falling out. I went out for
supper with a women I use to work with, Anne and things got to the point we
were kissing."

Arthur Weasley
He raised his eyebrows at the words kissing. "Uh, I
take it Penny found out?"

Percy Weasley
"There was lip stick on my collar and she spotted it before
I did." Percy admitted.

Arthur Weasley
"Oh." He considered this for a moment. "Well did
anything happen between.. you and Anne... besides obviously the

Percy Weasley
"No," Percy stated, "Nothing happened. We started
kissing and then I told her I couldn't."

Arthur Weasley
"That's good.." He paused as he shoved his hands
into his pockets and softly kicked a stone. "At least you didn't let it get
too far." Arthur said emphasizing the word 'too' greatly.

Percy Weasley
Percy looked towards him smiling weakly, then looked
back down at the garden's variety of vegetables. "That's not the worst part

Arthur Weasley
"What else did you do?" Arthur wondering what could
be worse..

Percy Weasley
Percy took a deep breath. "I...I hit her... and then...and then I attempted to...rape her." the last few words he choked on.

Arthur Weasley
Arthur had stopped dead in his tracks at these last words. "You...." A furious/confused look came over his face. "what?!"

Percy Weasley
He waited for his father to hit him for what he had done. "I... It was like I couldn't stop myself. I was just so...so

Arthur Weasley
He furrowed his brow, his fists semi-clenched in his
pockets. He was silent for a few long minutes. Not looking at his son.
Then he looked at Percy considerately. "Why would you even start...
There was nothing to be angry at Penny about.. Unless you blame her for
the baby. Which is unlike you."

Percy Weasley
Percy bit his lip, and adjusted the rim of his glasses. "I was
angry that she wouldn't listen to me. That she could even think I would sleep
with another women. Penelope said that I would rather go of and have sex with
some women I've never even met then have it with her..."

Arthur Weasley
"Sometimes you just have to let women cool down
before you try and speak with them." He said, leaning against the outside
wall of the burrow.

Percy Weasley
"I wish I had known that before I did anything," Percy
sighed. "She did forgive me but I can't forgive myself." He walked around the
garden and to the wall, standing beside his father. "I just don't know what to

Arthur Weasley
"If you can't forgive yourself, there will always be
something between you, that keeps you from truely loving one another."
He said knowingly. "There will always be... a grudge."

Percy Weasley
"That's the point. I don't think I'll be able to forgive myself
for along time. What I've done, said...I don't know if I'll be able to forgive myself
and be the man she wants me to be," Percy said, kneeling down and playing
with the grass. "Even when I know what she wants.."

Arthur Weasley
"You must, for her sake."

Percy Weasley
Percy didn't say anything for a long time. He knew what he
had to do but forcing his mind to obey would be something else. "Should I do
something...to tell her how sorry I am?" he questioned uncertain.

Arthur Weasley
"Do what she wants... If she wants to be intimate...
Try and be intimate, even if you don't feel up to it." Arthur said slowly.
"I'm sorry if I seem like no help."

Percy Weasley
He nodded, "More help then I deserve..."

Arthur Weasley
"Well, you're my son, and I'll help whenever you
need it..." He paused. "Even if what you did, you deem unforgivable."
He said matter-o-factly. "Give it time."

Percy Weasley
Percy dusted off his hands and looked up. He knew
everything his father was saying was right and he was thankful that his father
had the time to talk to him. Standing up he stood awkwardly, then in one fast
move he wrapped his arms around Arthur hugging him, and for his part crying.

Arthur Weasley
Arthur was taken by surpise from Percy's actions,
and then slowly and awkwardly hugged Percy back, patting him gently.

Percy Weasley
"I'm a mess," Percy told him. "I go to work and get nasty
looks because I'm sure the news of my not telling Anne I was engaged spread..."

Arthur Weasley
"I'm sure it will end soon enough."

Percy Weasley
"Perhaps, but I don't really want to go anymore." he said
sadly. "It's different now that I know what...well, what Fudge has done."

Arthur Weasley
"Though, it's been that way for two years..." He
shook his head. "I wish there was some other way I could provide for this
family... Because if there was, I wouldn't still be working there."

Percy Weasley
Percy blinked, "I thought you loved working with Muggles
and what not it's all you ever use to talk about."

Arthur Weasley
"I did, but not now, not when Fudge has done what he
has to my family, and the ones I've come to love." He sighed.
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